A compounded medication is a great healthcare solution for patients who need a customized approach to their medication. Whether that means a dosage that isn’t commercially available or a medication delivered in a different form or without certain ingredients, compounded medication can make it easier for someone to take the life saving and enhancing medicine they need.

Not all patients who benefit are human—our animal companions benefit, too. Compounded medication for pets, available at a pet medication compounding pharmacy like Strive Pharmacy, can make it easier, safer, and more effective to administer medicine to pets.

Benefits of Compounded Medication for Pets

When you’re worried that your pet has a medical problem or is in pain, you take them to the vet to seek treatment. Treatment may involve prescription medication. While the prescribed medicine will ultimately improve your pet’s health and quality of life, they often fail to cooperate with its administration.

Pets may resist taking medication because of the taste or because it looks or smells different than their food. One of the benefits of compound medication for pets is the ability to provide solutions that work for your pet. For example, a flavor your pet enjoys can be added to the medicine, such as tuna for cats and beef or chicken for dogs. 

Compounded medication for pets is customized to the unique needs of each pet. They provide an alternate way to ensure your pet ingests the medications they need to live a full life.

Forms of Compounded Pet Medications

If one method of giving your pet medication isn’t working, it’s time to find an alternative. Common forms of compounded medication for pets include:

  • Transdermal medication: A topical medication, such as gel, ointments, or creams, applied to the skin, usually the inner ear, which absorbs the active ingredient. 
  • Oral capsules and pills: Some pets may have an easier time swallowing pills, which can be formulated at custom doses with specialized ingredients or combinations of active ingredients, so they only need one pill instead of several. 
  • Flavored liquids: Medication can be flavored to make it easier for the pet to accept, especially with their food. Common flavors include banana, chicken, fish, beef, and peanut butter.
  • Tablets and chews: These also come in customized flavors, and can dissolve on the tongue. Chews are more like treats than pills for pets.

Strive Compounding Pharmacy: Your Pet Medication Compounding Pharmacy

There’s no need to skip out on your pet’s medication because they refuse to take it. The right medicine helps your pet enjoy life to its fullest. A pharmacist at Strive Pharmacy, your pet medication compounding pharmacy in Utah and Arizona, will work with you to find the perfect solution. 

If you need help finding a medication for your pet, call Strive Pharmacy today to learn more about compounding medication options.