There are many ways a medication can be taken by a patient. You may be familiar with pills, liquids, and creams. But what about pharmaceutical gels? 

Like creams, gels are a method of delivering the medication topically. These formulations are transparent, water-based semi-solids that spread well and are absorbed into the body. There are a number of types of pharmaceutical gels, which can be formulated based on your needs and the doctor’s prescription. 

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of pharmaceutical gels can help you decide if they are right for you the next time you need a prescription refill.

Advantages of Pharmaceutical Gels

As a method for delivering medication, pharmaceutical gels are very useful. Some of the advantages of this method include:

  • Non-greasy application
  • Being easy to formulate with active ingredients
  • Adhering well to the application site
  • Being washable and non-toxic
  • Stability over time
  • Ability to target affected area for rapid treatment and relief
  • Preventing unwanted side effects through bypassing the digestive system
  • Easy spreading 
  • Skin retention
  • A cooling effect on the skin

Many types of pharmaceutical gels are used for pain relief because they offer relief right where it is needed most.

Disadvantages of Pharmaceutical Gels

While this type of medication is very useful, it can have drawbacks for some patients. These disadvantages include the following:

  • Some drugs aren’t absorbed easily through the skin
  • There’s a possibility of an allergic reaction 
  • The effect of gels initiates slower (but lasts longer)
  • Additives in the gel may irritate the skin
  • Application site must be monitored for reactions
  • Effectiveness may be impacted by temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors 

Know Which Gels and Medications Are Right For You 

It is important for patients to feel knowledgeable and empowered about their medication options. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of pharmaceutical gels helps you make good decisions—but in considering which medications are right for your situation, you aren’t alone. 

Your pharmacist at Strive Pharmacy is familiar with different medication delivery methods and can advise you in selecting the type of medication that’s best for your unique health situation. Strive Pharmacy can compound medicines to provide drugs in different forms and best meet your needs. 

Are you interested in custom medications? Learn more about Strive Pharmacy’s services here, and then get in touch so we can help you find the right medication for you.