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Just as we worry about the health of our family members and friends, the same goes for our pets. And what better way to keep your furry companions healthy than providing them with compounded medication specific to their needs? You can get a variety of medicines from your local veterinary compounding pharmacy in Sandy, UT.

Compounded Medication 101

The concept of compounded medication is simple: It’s a process that involves mixing and alternating ingredients to customize medications for individual health conditions and needs. For example, let’s say you have a Goldendoodle named Penny with a history of epilepsy. You currently give her a daily pill with a spoonful of peanut butter, but she always seems to reject it. 

At Strive Pharmacy, our team of knowledgeable pharmacists works with you to find a solution and customize your pet’s medication in different forms. This adjustment to the pet’s health needs or unique preferences makes it easier for them to take the medicine needed to feel better. 

Common Health Issues for Pets

Our pets can experience a variety of health issues, such as: 

  • Allergies
  • Ear infections
  • Epilepsy
  • Arthritis
  • Fleas and ticks
  • Parasites
  • Kennel cough
  • Obesity

Thankfully, preventive and curative medications are available to treat many of these issues, so your furbaby can feel like its usual self again. 

In addition to offering prescription medications, we have a fully stocked supplement store with various products for your furry friend.

Compounding Services for Your Pet’s Health

As a pet parent, you have probably already discovered how particular your pet is, which makes it challenging to administer medications. Some cats only like a certain medication flavor, while many dogs prefer chews over tablets. Unlike traditional pharmacies, our pet compounding pharmacy works to solve these issues by personalizing the medication based on the needs of your animal companion.

If your pet’s vet wants to send the prescription directly to Strive, they can easily fill out our form online.

Different Forms of Compounded Medications

If your pet refuses to take one form of medication, it may be time to consider a different one. The good news is there are many forms of compounded medications for pet owners to choose from, including: 

  • Oral capsules: Compounded oral capsules can combine many ingredients, formulated to a specific dosage, to limit the required number of daily pills for your pet.
  • Tablets and chews: If your pet has trouble swallowing pills, tablets and chews are great alternatives. These dissolve right on the tongue and come in various flavors.
  • Flavored liquids: One of the simplest ways to give your pet medicine is using a flavored liquid that readily mixes with dry or wet food. Some flavors include beef, chicken, tuna, and peanut butter.

Need a refill? Complete your request online, and we’ll ship your pet’s medication right to your front door. 

Why Choose Strive for Your Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy in Sandy, UT

At Strive, we know your furry companion is part of your family. Our pet compounding pharmacy experts in Sandy can provide medications made from high-quality and safe ingredients to make life easier for your whole crew. 

If your pet is having trouble with current medications or you’d like to explore alternatives, contact us to speak to one of our experienced pharmacists. We’ll help you find the perfect solution.


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    Great customer service! My doctor recommended this pharmacy to me. I live far away and they were very friendly over the phone and shipped me my prescription. They called me immediately upon receiving my prescription and I got it very quickly.

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    Hope has been the most educational and helpful individual I have met... She has proven dependable and is consistent with offering ways to help and tailor my experience to fit my needs. HIGHLY recommend. Strive Compounding is the way to go

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  • Absolutely wonderful customer service! Hope was very friendly and patient with all the questions I had. I will definitely refer all family and friends to Strive. Thank you again

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    My doctor sent my RX to this pharmacy which was quite a distant from where I was staying. But no worries, because Strive had the drugs sent to me and arrived within 2 days as they have continued to do each month since then. Plus, they send me a text message every month to remind me that it is time to refill the RX. They have gone above and beyond with every request that I have made, including calling me back to make sure they were correct in what they were doing so there were no delays. I highly recommend this team at Strive Pharmacy. Great Job!

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    This place has great and fast service. I can either pick up our dogs prescription or have it shipped for FREE! Supper knowledgeable staff and always available to talk on the phone when I have questions. I also switched to this pharmacy for my hormone meds because it was a better deal and more convenient than other places around. Check them out!

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