Compounded Injectable Semaglutide

Dear Provider,

We are writing to inform you of a difficult decision we must make effective immediately. There has been much scrutiny over compounded injectable Semaglutide. Strive has continued to watch all areas surrounding compounded Semaglutide and consistently made efforts to be compliant. We have done rigorous stability studies, followed FDA guidance, and done everything we can to go above and beyond to follow the regulatory framework in regards to Semaglutide. Strive has been proud to help clinics and patients during this time of drug shortage.

Unfortunately, we received notice from the California Board of Pharmacy to immediately stop shipping Semaglutide into California. We have every intention to follow the board of pharmacy and comply with their request.

As of today 06/02/2023 we are no longer shipping orders to California. All orders currently in process will not be filled and shipped due to our requirement to immediately cease and desist. We acknowledge that this is a large inconvenience for you and your patients.

Options for Patients:

• Patients may still pick up their Semaglutide from the Arizona location or may be shipped to any state where Strive is licensed to ship sterile products, which includes: Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Georgia, Texas, and Florida.

• We have been working to find an alternative to the Injectable Semaglutide because we know it is still in drug shortage and hard to get and many patients need this medication.

• Patients have the right to transfer their prescription to any pharmacy that has the ability to fulfill their Semaglutide prescription. However, it may be easier to send a new prescription to another pharmacy.


Q:  What happens with my prescriptions in process?
A:  Any existing Rx’s will not be filled. We will refund any patients or clinics who have paid for their Rx. Please allow us some time to get through this process as we have a large backlog of orders.

Q: Will I be refunded for prescriptions not filled?
A: Yes. Please allow us some time to get through this process as we have a large backlog of orders.

Q: What about continuity of care? Will refills be honored?
A: No. We will not be able to refill any prescriptions for compounded semaglutide effective immediately.

Q: Can you transfer my Rx to another pharmacy?
A: Absolutely. We want our patients to be able to obtain their prescriptions even at a different pharmacy. We understand that options are very limited and as such we do not have the ability to recommend other sources for Semaglutide within California.

Q: How can I reach out to get help?
A: We are flooded with calls and emails right now. Please bear with us as we work through this. Please fill out THIS LINK to request help and we will work through requests as quickly as possible.



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