As the weather turns cold and we spend more time indoors, chances are good that you’ll catch a cold at some point. For most people, a cold is an unpleasant but bearable experience that is over as quickly as it started. However, occasionally that same cold can develop further into pneumonia, which is much more unpleasant and complicated.

So how do you prevent a cold from turning into pneumonia? While there’s no 100% guaranteed method, you can take a few simple preventive measures that make a big difference.

1. Avoid Smoking

One of the best ways to prevent pneumonia after a cold is to keep your lungs healthy by refraining from smoking. Over time, smoking can lead to scar tissue in the lungs. Then when a cold or the flu comes along and bacteria enters your lungs, they are more likely to get infected, resulting in pneumonia.

2. Get Vaccinated

Chances are you’ve already had one vaccine, PCV13, as a child to prevent against a variety of common pneumonia-causing bacteria. If you have health conditions that increase your risk for pneumonia or if you’re over 65, talk to your doctor to see if a second vaccine, PPSV23, would also be appropriate for you. In addition, getting your yearly flu shot can also lower your risk for pneumonia.

3. Take Supplements

Finally, keeping your immune system healthy goes a long way in helping your body recover from a variety of illnesses more quickly and stopping a cold from becoming pneumonia. Taking regular supplements not only fills in nutrient gaps you may have in your diet, but can also boost your immune system and help minimize the duration and severity of your cold. Supplements are important to the health of both men and women. A few recommended immune-boosting supplements include:

  • Zinc
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin C
  • Probiotics

Whether you’re trying to avoid pneumonia, or just trying to live your healthiest life in general, the right supplements and medication can help. Strive pharmacy specializes in compounding and customizing medications and supplements for patients, with convenient locations in Utah and Arizona. Contact Strive Pharmacy and we’ll help you identify the right medications and supplements for your specific situation.