When you pick up your prescriptions at your local pharmacy, you may think your pharmacist has an easy job. The truth is, pharmacists work in the medical field just like doctors and nurses, so they have an essential job to do.

What exactly does a pharmacist do? Find out how pharmacies work to fulfill your prescriptions and see why you should consider Strive Pharmacy for your specific needs.

1. Pharmacists Do More Than Count Pills

Pharmacists are often seen as glorified pill counters, but your local pharmacist is doing a lot more than that to protect your health. Pharmacists ensure that all medications are filled properly by checking all the details such as the drug, dose, frequency, and interactions with other medications. They also catch errors and discuss medications with patients. In addition, pharmacists work with doctors and insurance companies to help you manage or treat your health condition. 

2. Pharmacists Can Give Vaccines and Advice

How do pharmacies work to keep you healthy? Pharmacists do more than dispense pills. They also give vaccinations. When you get your flu shot at a pharmacy, the pharmacist is the one giving you the vaccine. Pharmacists can also give advice about certain medications to take. Have allergies or suffer from the flu? Ask your pharmacist what over-the-counter medications you should take. 

3. Pharmacists Work in Diverse Environments

Pharmacists do not only work in retail chains. They may also work in hospitals helping with premature births and code blues. They work as a member of your health care team, so they have your best interests in mind. Pharmacists are also involved in drug development, research,  and clinical trials. So they do much more than stand behind a counter. 

4. Pharmacists Require a Lot of Schooling

Like most medical careers, pharmacists need a lot of schooling. It can take 6-8 years to get a doctorate degree in pharmacy, with another 1-2 years in a residency. Once they graduate,  pharmacists can work in a variety of environments, such as public health, government, pharmaceutical research, managed care, and academia.

5. You Can Get Custom Medications

If you’re looking for a special formulation of a medication, you can get a compound medication. What is a compound prescription at a pharmacy? These pharmacies allow you to obtain medications that are free of certain ingredients (such as dyes, sugar, alcohol, or preservatives) or are available in a certain formulation (such as liquids, tablets, or creams). Compound pharmacies also make medications more palatable for children and pets. So if your local pharmacy only offers pills, consider a compound pharmacy. Strive Pharmacy has something for every member of your household. 

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