Did you know that the largest human organ is the skin? It makes up about 16 percent of your body mass and protects your body from germs, pollution, and UV rays. It soaks in vitamin D, stores fat and water, regulates your body temperature, and takes in sensory input, such as feeling hot and cold, and soft or hard textures.

What Is Dermatology? 

Just like any other body organ or system, the skin can have problems, too. It can range from acne, rashes, allergic reactions, and eczema to cancer. Some of these problems can be uncomfortable or painful. Dermatology medicine focuses on treating skin diseases and keeping skin healthy. Dermatologists also treat cosmetic concerns, such as scarring, warts, effects of aging, and more. Healthy skin feels great and helps you feel confident, and dermatology medicine can be prescribed to help with any problems that may come up.

Types of Dermatology Medicine

A dermatologist may write an Rx for dermatology concerns to help your skin heal and recover from a number of problems. Others are available over the counter. These drugs may be given orally or topically as gels, creams, ointments, or washes. 

Common dermatology medicines include:

  • Antibiotics to treat or prevent infection
  • Anthralin to treat inflammation and psoriasis
  • Antifungals for athlete’s foot and ringworm
  • Benzoyl peroxide to treat acne
  • Corticosteroids for eczema
  • Retinoids to treat acne and the effects of aging
  • Salicylic acid for warts and acne

Skin care is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Every person’s skin is different—some skin is oily while other skin is dry. Some skin is more sensitive to medication. And some patients may prefer gel and ointments to heavy creams. If you’re struggling to find the right dose and delivery method, dermatology compounded medications can provide customized dermatology Rx that creates the perfect solution just for your skin.

Dermatology Compounded Medication

A compounding pharmacy like Strive Pharmacy can create dermatology compounded medication that can treat your skin condition in a way that’s best for you. Benefits of compounded medicine for dermatology include:

  • Customized dosages 
  • Customized ingredients, avoiding any inactive ingredients you are allergic to or sensitive to
  • Unique blends of active ingredients to treat your specific condition
  • Customized delivery in lotions, oils, ointments, pills, gels, and creams

Some people have difficulty finding the perfect cream for their eczema or a face wash that works for their acne without drying out their skin. Compounded medications are a better alternative that can create a custom treatment using ingredients, Rx dermatology delivery methods, formulation, and dosages unique to you. 

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The skin on your hands, face, and all over your body is important. You want your skin to feel good, stay healthy, and look great. Compounded dermatology medicine can help you get the results you want. It is a safe and effective alternative to commercial skin treatments. At Strive Pharmacy, we are happy to help. You can find us in Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and California.

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